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What are the advantages of digital pianos?

A digital piano has got significant advantages in comparison to an acoustic piano:

Piano tuner at work
Piano tuner at work

Piano tuner at work
Stays in tuning

A normal acoustic piano is influenced by environmental impact, like humidity or temperature, which has an affect on the strain and therefore on the tuning of the strings. That’s why an acoustic piano has to be tuned regularly by a professional piano tuner. The electronic sound production of a digital piano is resistant to such environmental impacts. A digital piano stays in the right tuning all the time and saves you from further investments.


Headphone jacks
Individual volume control

Rehearsing day and night without being disturbed or without annoying your neighbours – impossible with a normal acoustic piano. No problem with a digital one! The individual volume control allows you to regulate the volume of the piano as loud as you want. Besides that you can use the headphone jacks so you can play the piano everywhere at any time of the day – independent from rest periods.

Headphone jack
Selection of sounds

Choosing the sound with one click
Impressive variety of sounds

A digital piano offers you more than only one piano sound. Along with traditional piano sounds, there are a lot of other sounds on your digital piano like E-Piano, Cembalo, Organ or Strings, that support the enlargement of your musical expression. High-value digital pianos furthermore offer the possibility to combine these sounds by just one click. That’s ideal for those players who are in search of new piano experiences.


Easy transportation with only two persons.
Easy transportation

You don’t need furniture removers to transport your piano. The significant less weight and the compact dimensions make it so easy for two persons to carry the digital piano from one place to another. An expensive transportation of the piano belongs to the past – definitely.

No more tedious transportation

Easy to use 2-track sequencer
Important helpers

Along with the right tone comes the right tempo, which is essential for playing the piano in an impressive way. A digital piano helps you to keep the correct timing. It has got a digital metronome on board, which provides the right beat if you want to. For controlling your payability or create own musical ideas, a good equipped digital piano comes along with a recording unit (Record). This usefull function allows you to record, playback and even play along with yourself in a very easy way. Let’s get creative.

These advantages in combination with the attractive price, make it perfect to enjoy playing the piano.